Since the time when LG launched Korea’s first residential air conditioner in 1968, the company has worked to continuously enhance its technological innovation and reliability. As a result of sustained improvement, LG VRF launched the first generation of MULTI V in 2006 and achieved significant development. With the best-in-class compressor technology and innovation applied to every part and control solution, MULTI V has evolved to be on of the world’s most efficient and reliable VRF solutions.

The first and second generations of MULTI V boasted inverter technology and non-ozone depleting technology, while MULTI V III was produced with cutting edge tech like oil return with HiPORT™ and double compression features with mid-pressure refrigerant allowed by Vapor Injection. The innovative technologies of MULTI V’s fourth generation brought about product leadership in efficiency. Its smart load control adjusts with the outdoor temperature, while optimizing refrigeration management and heat exchange for both cooling and heating.


MULTI V’s wide range of VRF solutions satisfies various building types and sizes. MULTI V S’s size discharge was designed for small to mid-sized buildings while MULTI V Water is a water-cooled VRF solution with variable water flow control technology.

In 2017, the ultimate VRF solution was introduced with MULTI V 5. This generation has fully improved its technological potential with the powerful and reliable yet economical Ultimate Inverter Compressor, effective corrosion resistance with the Ocean Black Fin coating and enlarged fans. Dual Sensing Control offers the most pleasant indoor environment while minimizing unnecessary energy loss by sensing both temperature and humidity to efficiently manage cooling, heating and part load.

MULTI V 5 has been designed for the ultimate efficiency, performance, flexibility, comfort and control, ensuring the most pleasant indoor experience.


LG VRF solutions are among the most versatile and powerful air conditioners, offering a cost-effective system and an easier installation. LG VRF solutions provide a great experience for both indoor and outdoor units.

Designed for Extraordinary Performance

Experience the powerful performance of 26 HP, with guaranteed operation in temperatures from -30℃ to 52℃, Full performance in temperatures from -10℃ to 43℃, unmatched for a single-unit system.

Intelligent Energy Management Begins with MULTI V i

Utilizes data on user-behavior patterns and automatically senses temperature, people, season, and humidity levels to create an optimal indoor environment while decreasing energy usage.

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